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Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- Introduction -- 1 The history of developmental neuropsychology -- Natural, theoretical and practical premises of the creation of developmental neuropsychology -- Trends in the progress of developmental neuropsychology -- 2 Methodological foundations of developmental neuropsychology -- Main concepts of developmental neuropsychology -- The problem of heterochronic and asynchronic development -- 3 Psychophysiological and psychological features of mental development in children -- The problem of morphogenesis -- The problem of functional genesis -- Social factors of ontogenesis -- 4 Neuropsychological assessment of children -- Tasks and principles of the neuropsychological assessment of children -- Necessary materials and methods of assessment -- The necessary procedure of assessment -- The problem of normative values -- Quantitative evaluation of the results of neuropsychological assessment -- 5 Syndromes of impaired (disturbed) formation of higher mental functions in children -- Speech impairment -- Syndromes of dyslexia and dysgraphia -- Impairment of visual and spatial functions -- Motor underdevelopment -- Attention deficit and hyperactivity -- Memory underdevelopment -- Reasoning underdevelopment -- Neuropsychological and social mechanisms of learning disabilities -- 6 Neuropsychological aspects of specific situations of abnormal (untypical) child development -- Mental impairment -- Autism -- Stuttering -- Vision and hearing disturbances -- Higher mental function disturbances in infantile cerebral palsy -- Neuropsychological jeatures of twins -- Neuropsychological features of gifted children -- Bilingual children -- 7 Neuropsychological remediation of children -- Principles and forms of remediating children's development -- Methods of formation of voluntary regulation and control of activity. Methods of motor remediation -- Methods of cognitive remediation -- Development of child's personality and communication -- A case study -- Conclusion -- References and further reading -- Index.

Developmental Neuropsychology draws upon the research of Alexander Luria and Lev Vygotsky to present a comprehensive study of developmental neuropsychology from a Russian, and Western perspective. Janna Glozman offers a fresh and accessible analysis of Luria and Vygotsky's collaboration, which greatly influenced the field of neuropsychology as we know it today. The text provides an examination of theoretical and methodological foundations of developmental neuropsychology, which Glozman describes and systemizes, before providing methods of assessment and neuropsychological aspects of specific situations. In her work Glozman considers: abnormal social mechanisms methods of assessment and remediation historical developments specific disabilities including dyslexia, ADHD and autism Glozman's comparative text makes Russian developmental psychology practically accessible to a western audience. It is valuable reading for researchers in developmental and clinical psychology, as well as professionals in special education, speech therapy and social work.


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