Rodriguez, Marc Simon.

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Cover -- Title -- Copyright -- CONTENTS -- Editor's Series Introduction -- Introduction: Mexican Americanism and the Long Chicano Movement -- 1 A Growing Militancy: The Farm Workers in California and Political Activism in Texas -- 2 The New Urban Politics: Chicanos and the War on Poverty -- 3 Youth and the Campus: Chicano Students and Chicano Education -- 4 News and the Movement: Newspapers and Ideas in the Chicano Movement -- 5 Art and the Movement: Chicano Murals and Community Space -- Conclusion: Rethinking to Move Forward -- Bibliography -- Index.

In the 1960s and 1970s, an energetic new social movement emerged among Mexican Americans. Fighting for civil rights and celebrating a distinct ethnic identity, the Chicano Movement had a lasting impact on the United States, from desegregation to bilingual education. Rethinking the Chicano Movement provides an astute and accessible introduction to this vital grassroots movement. Bringing together different fields of research, this comprehensive yet concise narrative considers the Chicano Movement as a national, not just regional, phenomenon, and places it alongside the other important social movements of the era. Rodriguez details the many different facets of the Chicano movement, including college campuses, third-party politics, media, and art, and traces the development and impact of one of the most important post-WWII social movements in the United States.


Chicano movement - History.

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