Veteran's Display RSS feed for public list Veteran's Display A Cold Days in Hell : by Latham, William Clark. A Short history of the Vietnam War / A world at arms : by Weinberg, Gerhard L. Allies of a kind : by Thorne, Christopher G. Almanac of World War I / by Burg, David F. American Women during World War II : by Weatherford, Doris. Body Counts : by Espiritu, Yen Le. British Literature of World War I. by Maunder, Andrew. British Strategy and War Aims 1914-1916 (RLE First World War). by French, David. Chemical Warfare during the Vietnam War : by Ellison, D. Hank. China and the First Vietnam War, 1947-54. by Calkins, Laura M. China's Road to the Korean War : by Jian, Chen. Civilians in a World at War, 1914-1918. by Proctor, Tammy M. Combat actions in Korea / by Gugeler, Russell A. Death of a Generation : by Jones, Howard. Defending the Free World : by SCHWAB, ORRIN. Dictionary of the Vietnam War / Dynamics of the Vietnam war: by Milstein, Jeffrey S. Encyclopedia of the Korean War : Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : Everything we had : Eyewitnesses to the Great War : by Klekowski, Ed. Female Tommies : by Shipton, Elisabeth. First World War Nursing. by Fell, Alison S. Funding extended conflicts : by Miller, Richard M., Hanoi's Road to the Vietnam War, 1954-1965. by Asselin, Pierre. Hitler's First War : by Weber, Thomas. Hitler's first war : by Weber, Thomas, In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation : by Pash, Melinda L. Inventing Vietnam : by Anderegg, Michael. Korea : by Alexander, Bevin. Korea and the theory of limited war. by Guttmann, Allen, Letters from Vietnam. by Adler, Bill, Making sense of war : by Weiner, Amir, Myth and the Greatest Generation : by Rose, Kenneth. One world, big screen : by Bennett, M. Todd. Over here : by Kennedy, David M. Passing the test : Second World War. by Havers, Robin. Second World War. by Grove, Philip D. Silence was a weapon : by Herrington, Stuart A., Soviet planning in peace and war, 1938-1945 / by Harrison, Mark, Striking back : Success and Failure in Limited War : by Bakich, Spencer D. The 25-Year War : by Palmer, General Bruce, Jr. The 25-year war : by Palmer, Bruce, The Ashgate Research Companion to the Korean War. by Matray, James I. The coldest winter : by Halberstam, David. The Columbia History of the Vietnam War. by Anderson, David L. The end and the beginning : by Zur Mühlen, Hermynia, The First World War. by Robson, Stuart. The irony of victory : by Miller, Marc S., The Korea knot : by Berger, Carl, The Korean War : by Sandler, Stanley. The Korean War : by Sandler, Stanley, The Korean War : by Stueck, William Whitney, The Korean War and American politics; by Caridi, Ronald J. The Korean War in World History. by Stueck, William. The Korean War, by Gardner, Lloyd C., The Korean war: How we met the challenge: How all-out Asian war was averted: Why MacArthur was dismissed: Why today's war objectives must be limited by Ridgway, Matthew B. The legacy of the Second World War / by Lukacs, John, The making of the First World War / by Beckett, I. F. W. The peculiar war; by Kahn, E. J. The pocket history of the Second World War / The politics of retribution in Europe The Second World War in Europe : by Mackenzie, S.P. The story of the second world war / The strained alliance; by Simmons, Robert R. The Truman-MacArthur controversy and the Korean War / by Spanier, John W. The uncensored war : by Hallin, Daniel C. The United States and the First World War. by Keene, Jennifer D. The Vietnam conflict; by Leitenberg, Milton. The Vietnam experience / The Vietnam War : by Hall, Mitchell K. The Vietnam War : The Vietnam war and international law, by Falk, Richard A., The Vietnam War day by day / The Vietnam War in American memory : by Hagopian, Patrick. The Vietnam War in retrospect : by Herz, Martin F. The war for Korea, 1945-1950 : by Millett, Allan Reed. The War Has Brought Peace to Mexico : by Jones, Halbert. The War to End All Wars : by Coffman, Edward M. The Wars for Asia, 1911-1949. by Paine, S. C. M. The World War I Diary of José de la Luz Sáenz. by Zamora, Emilio. Trauma And The Vietnam War Generation : by Kulka,. Triumph Revisited : by Wiest, Andrew. Truman and MacArthur : by Pearlman, Michael D. Verdict in Korea. by Oliver, Robert Tarbell, Viêt-Nam: what kind of peace? Vietnam by McCarthy, Mary, Vietnam : by Prados, John. Vietnam 1946 : by Tønnesson, Stein. Vietnam after the war; Vietnam at war : by Davidson, Phillip B., Vietnam on film : by Adair, Gilbert. Vietnam War bibliography : by Sugnet, Chris. Vietnam War. by Willbanks, James. Vietnamese women at war : by Taylor, Sandra C. Voices from the Korean War : by Peters, Richard. Voices from the Korean War : by Peters, Richard. Voices from the Vietnam War : by Li, Xiaobing, Voices of World War II. by Roberts, Priscilla Mary. War in peacetime; by Collins, J. Lawton Woodrow Wilson and World War I : by Striner, Richard. World War I and Propaganda. by Paddock, Troy. World War II. by Roberts, Priscilla Mary. World War One / by Stone, Norman, Writing the War : by Atkins, Stephen E.