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245 0 0 _aEnvironmental management :
_breadings and cases /
_cedited by Michael V. Russo.
260 _aBoston :
_bHoughton Mifflin Co.,
300 _axii, 431 p. :
_bill. ;
_c24 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
520 _a[TofC cont.] Environmental management cases; Bank of America and the Carlsbad Highlands Foreclosure (A) / A.T. Lawrence; Pacific Lumber Company / M.V. Russo and C. Noblitt; Procter & Gamble Inc., Downy Enviro-Pak / J. Lahey, C. Lane, and A.B. Ryans; Clamshell Controversy / S. Svobody; Industrial products, Inc. (A), Measuring environmental performance / R. Wells. [This book] address[es] the important perspectives surrounding how business operations and management decisions affect the environment. The readings in this text address a broad and substantive range of issues, institutions, and principles/techniques of environmental management. The cases cover a wide variety of issues and contexts and allow for ample application of the concepts and tools addressed in the readings. -Back cover.
505 0 _aPartial contents:Perspectives on the environmental challenge: Beyond greening, strategies for a sustainable world / S.L. Hart; Building a new economy / L.R. Brown and J. Mitchell -- Institutional setting of environmental issues: Land ethic / A. Leopold; Asking how much is enough / A. Durning; Tragedy of the commons / G. Hardin; EPA and the evolution of federal regulation / P.R. Portney; Costs and benefits / F. Cairncross; Discounting the future, economics and ethics / T.J. Brennan; Behind the scenes, how policymaking in the European community, Japan, and the United States affects global negotiations / R. Vernon; Global trade and the environment / E. Glodsmith; Making trade work for the environment / D.C. Esty.
505 0 _aManaging to be environmentally responsive: Strategic management for a small planet / W.E. Stead and J.G. Stead; Corporate obstacles to pollution prevention / P. Cebon; Emergence of environmental partnerships / F.J. Long and M.B. Arnold; Consumers with a conscience / J.A. Ottman; Next big product opportunity / J.A. Ottman -- Principles of corporate ecology: Note on life cycle analysis / S. Svoboda [Cont. in Annot.].
650 0 _aEnvironmental management.
650 0 _aEnvironmental management
_vCase studies.
700 1 _aRusso, Michael V.
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