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_b.G37 1972
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_b.G37 1972
100 1 _aGardner, Lloyd C.,
245 1 4 _aThe Korean War,
_cedited with an introduction by Lloyd C. Gardner.
264 1 _a[New York]
_bQuadrangle Books
300 _a242 pages
_c22 cm
336 _atext
337 _aunmediated
338 _avolume
380 _aBibliography
500 _a"A New York times book."
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 228-229).
505 0 _aSetting for a "limited war": Peffer, N. The China crisis is a crisis for us.--Lieberman, H.R. Gigantic questions for Mao--and for us, too.--Barrett, G. Report on Okinawa: a rampart we built.--Parrott, L. The touchy issue of peace with Japan.--Crankshaw, E. Cold war or hot? The chances appraised.--Ward, B.A crusading faith to counter communism.--Dulles, J.F. "To save humanity from the deep abyss."--A time of testing: Lawrence, W.H. Journey into war--New York to Korea.--Handler, M.S. The new pattern of Soviet aggression.--Leviero, A. How the President makes decisions.--Peffer, N. In the long run Europe is our first front.--Baldwin, H.W. Tense lands in China's shadow.--Durdin, P. Saigon: new focus of tension in Asia.--Kennan, G.F. "Let peace not die of neglect."--Reston, J.F. Memorandum to General MacArthur.--Reflections on past and future: Slichter, S.H. The past year and the next in our economy.--Acheson, D. What is the present? What of the future?--Galbraith, J.K. "We can prosper without war orders."--Krock, A. As Eisenhower takes up the burden.--Wyatt, W. Of equal importance--Asia's second front.--Reston, J. America in Asia: time and a little hope.--Baldwin, H.W. Europe or Asia--priority for which?
650 0 _aKorean War, 1950-1953
_zUnited States.
651 0 _aUnited States
_xForeign relations
651 0 _aAsia
_xForeign relations
_zUnited States.
776 0 8 _iOnline version:
_aGardner, Lloyd C., 1934-
_tKorean War.
_d[New York] Quadrangle Books [1972]
776 0 8 _iOnline version:
_aGardner, Lloyd C., 1934-
_tKorean War.
_d[New York] Quadrangle Books [1972]
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