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100 1 _aManias, Chris.
245 1 0 _aRace, Science, and the Nation.
260 _aHoboken :
_bTaylor and Francis,
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490 1 _aRoutledge Studies in Cultural History
505 0 _aCover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; List of Figures; List of Abbreviations; Acknowledgments; Introduction; The Sciences of the Past; Race, Progress and Nationality; 1. Unveiling the Ancestry of Peoples: Tradition, Language and Ethnology, 1800-1860; The Old Authorities; New Traditions of Nature, Humanity and Society; Reconstructive Philology; The Celtic and Germanic Languages; The Varied Bases of Ethnology; The Rise of the Indo-Europeans; A New Gateway to the Unwritten Past; 2. Unearthing Our Forefathers: The Growth of Provincial Archaeology, 1830-1860
505 8 _aThe Antiquarian Tradition'Let us go into the Graves:' Archaeological Authority; Collecting with a Definite Purpose; The Eras of the Ancient Past; Models of Culture and Development; 3. The Limits of History: Defining Nations, Races and Peoples, 1820-1850; Gaulish Histories in Post-Revolutionary France; The Developments and Migrations of the Germanen; British Tensions between Ethnic Models; Disentangling Popular Communities; 4. Building the Science of Man: National Anthropology and the Ancient Past, 1850-1870; Building Metropolitan Associations: The Anthropological Societies
505 8 _aAnthropological MethodsThe Gaulish Races of France; Reconciling the Celt and the Saxon; Surveying the German Types; The Mixed Nation; 5. Locating the Peoples of Prehistory: Geology, Archaeology and Anthropology, 1840-1870; Consolidating the Field; Defining and Dividing Prehistoric Time; The Oldest Human Condition: Interpreting the Stone Age; The Path to Civilization: The Development of Metal; Internationalism and Universalism in Prehistory; 6. The Fracturing of Common Origins: The Nationalization of the Anthropological Past, 1871-1900; National Integration and Institutionalization
505 8 _aAnthropology and National QuestionsThe Aryans: The Clash of Prehistory and Philology; Questions of Celts and Neolithics in France; The Iberian Ancestry of British Civilization; The Branches of the German Nation; The Common European Races and National Definition; 7. Tension and Diffusion: The Racial and Cultural Sciences, 1890-1914; Anthropometry Undermined; The Rise of Racial Essentialism; The Problematic Science of Folklore; Cultural Migrations and Racial Areas in Archaeology; Fragmentation and Refraction; Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index
520 _aAcross the nineteenth century, scholars in Britain, France and the German lands sought to understand their earliest ancestors: the Germanic and Celtic tribes known from classical antiquity, and the newly discovered peoples of prehistory. New fields - philology, archeology and anthropology - interacted, breaking down languages, unearthing artifacts, measuring skulls and recording the customs of ""savage"" analogues. This was a decidedly national process: disciplines institutionalized on national levels, and their findings seen to have deep implications for the origins of the nation and its "
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650 4 _aEthnology -- France -- Historiography.
650 4 _aEthnology -- Germany -- Historiography.
650 4 _aEthnology -- Great Britain -- Historiography.
650 4 _aFrance -- History -- To 987 -- Historiography.
650 4 _aGermany -- History -- To 843 -- Historiography.
650 4 _aGreat Britain -- History -- To 1066 -- Historiography.
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776 0 8 _iPrint version:
_aManias, Chris
_tRace, Science, and the Nation: Reconstructing the Ancient Past in Britain, France and Germany
_dHoboken : Taylor and Francis,c2013
830 0 _aRoutledge Studies in Cultural History
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