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100 1 _aThurston, Luke.
245 1 0 _aLiterary Ghosts from the Victorians to Modernism :
_bThe Haunting Interval
260 _aHoboken :
_bTaylor and Francis,
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490 1 _aRoutledge Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature
505 0 _aCover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; Prologue: Beyond My Notation; PART I Literary Hospitality; 1 The Spark of Life; 2 Zigzag: The Signalman; PART II Guests ◊ Ghosts; 3 Broken Lineage: M. R. James; 4 Ineffaceable Life: Henry James; PART III Hosts of the Living; 5 A Loop in a Mesh: May Sinclair; 6 Distant Music: Woolf, Joyce; 7 Double-Crossing: Elizabeth Bowen; Conclusion: The Ghostly Path; Notes; Bibliography; Index
520 _aThis book resituates the ghost story as a matter of literary hospitality and as part of a vital prehistory of modernism, seeing it not as a quaint neo-gothic ornament, but as a powerful literary response to the technological and psychological disturbances that marked the end of the Victorian era. Linking little-studied authors like M. R. James and May Sinclair to such canonical figures as Dickens, Henry James, Woolf, and Joyce, Thurston argues that the literary ghost should be seen as no mere relic of gothic style but as a portal of discovery, an opening onto the central modernist problem of how to write 'life itself.' Ghost stories are split between an ironic, often parodic reference to Gothic style and an evocation of 'life itself,' an implicit repudiation of all literary style. Reading the ghost story as both a guest and a host story, this book traces the ghost as a disruptive figure in the 'hospitable' space of narrative from Maturin, Poe and Dickens to the fin de siècle, and then on into the twentieth century.
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650 4 _aEnglish literature - 19th century - History and criticism - Theory, etc.
650 4 _aEnglish literature - 20th century - History and criticism - Theory, etc.
650 4 _aGhosts in literature.
650 4 _aLITERARY CRITICISM / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh.
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650 4 _aLITERARY CRITICISM / Gothic & Romance.
650 4 _aModernism (Literature) - Great Britain.
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_aThurston, Luke
_tLiterary Ghosts from the Victorians to Modernism : The Haunting Interval
_dHoboken : Taylor and Francis,c2012
830 0 _aRoutledge Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature
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