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100 1 _aMiddeke, Martin.
245 1 4 _aThe Literature of Melancholia :
_bEarly Modern to Postmodern
260 _aBasingstoke :
_bPalgrave Macmillan,
300 _a1 online resource (286 p.)
490 0 _aeBooks on Demand
505 0 _aCover; Contents; List of Figures; Acknowledgements; Notes on Contributors; 1 Melancholia as a Sense of Loss: An Introduction; Part I: The Melancholic Tradition, Creativity and Gender: Early Modern to Eighteenth Century; 2 Yet Once More: Melancholia and Amnesia in Milton's Lycidas; 3 Male Pregnancies, Virgin Births, Monsters of the Mind: Early Modern Melancholia and (Cross-)Gendered Constructions of Creativity; 4 Mourning and Melancholia in England and Its Transatlantic Colonies: Examples of Seventeenth-Century Female Appropriations
505 8 _a5 'To pictur'd Regions and imagin'd Worlds': Female Melancholic Writing and the Poems of Mary LeaporPart II: Nature, History and Nostalgia: The Melancholia of Romanticism and Beyond; 6 'The dark bottomless Abyss, that lies under our feet, had yawned open': The Recision of the Male Melancholic Genius in Carlyle's Sartor Resartus; 7 'They Came, They Cut Away My Tallest Pines': Tennyson and the Melancholy of Modernity; 8 The Melancholy of History: The French Revolution and European Historiography; 9 Commercializing Melancholy: The National Trust
505 8 _aPart III: Melancholia and (Post-)Colonialism: From the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century10 Melancholia in the South Pacific: The Strange Case of Robert Louis Stevenson's Travel Writing; 11 The Secret of the Father in the Colonial Secret: Rosa Praed's' Weird Melancholy'; 12 Modernist Melancholia and Time: The Synchronicity of the Non-Synchronic in Freud, Tylor and Conrad; 13 The Closed Circle of Britain's Postcolonial Melancholia; Part IV: Postmodernism and Post-Melancholia? Ethics and Aesthetics in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
505 8 _a14 Working at the Seams: Howard Barker's Tragic Trauerspiel15 Melancholia and Mourning Animals; 16 Melancholic Consolation? J. M. Coetzee, Irony and the Aesthetics of the Sublime; 17 The Novel after Melancholia: On Tom McCarthy's Remainder and David Mitchell's Ghostwritten; Index
520 _aThis collection analyzes philosophical, psycho-analytic and aesthetic contexts of the discourse of melancholia in British and postcolonial literature and culture andĀ seeks to trace the multi-faceted phenomenon of melancholia from the early modern period to the present. Texts discussed range from Shakespeare and Milton to Coetzee and Barker.
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650 4 _aEnglish literature - History and criticism.
650 4 _aEnglish literature -- History and criticism.
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650 4 _aLITERARY CRITICISM / European / English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh.
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650 4 _aLITERARY CRITICISM / General.
650 4 _aMelancholy.
650 4 _aMelancholy in literature.
650 4 _aMelancholy in literature.
650 4 _aMelancholy.
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700 1 _aWald, Christina.
776 0 8 _iPrint version:
_aMiddeke, Martin
_tThe Literature of Melancholia : Early Modern to Postmodern
_dBasingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan,c2011
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