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100 1 _aSterne, Jim.
245 1 0 _aWorld Wide Web Marketing :
_bIntegrating the Web into Your Marketing Strategy
250 _a3rd ed.
260 _aHoboken :
300 _a1 online resource (433 p.)
490 0 _aeBooks on Demand
505 0 _a""World Wide Web Marketing""; ""Contents""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""About the Author""; ""Introduction""; ""CHAPTER 1 Using the World Wide Web for Marketing�What Are You Trying to Accomplish?""; ""The Leading-Edge Image""; ""Prospect Qualification""; ""Product Sales""; ""Customer Service""; ""Customer Interaction and Feedback""; ""Internal Communications""; ""Web Site Traffic as Its Own Reward""; ""What Do Customers Want?""; ""Who Comes to Your Site?""; ""Figuring Out What Customers Want""; ""How Innovative Can You Be?""; ""What Your Budget Allows""; ""What Your Management Wants""
505 8 _a""CHAPTER 2 Customer Service First""""Customers Are Where the Money Is""; ""Your Best Marketing Is Great Customer Service""; ""Using E-Mail for Customer Service""; ""Basic Training""; ""Let�s Be Careful Out There""; ""Protect Yourself""; ""Doing It Right""; ""Using the World Wide Web for Customer Service""; ""The Frequently Asked Questions Solution""; ""The Special Question Opportunity""; ""The Right Customer Service Information""; ""Being Held Up to Ridicule""; ""Web Ridicule as a Business""; ""Live and in Person""; ""The Life-Time Value of a Customer""; ""Measuring LTV""
505 8 _a""The Real Bottom Line""""CHAPTER 3 The Usable Web�Be Kind to Your Users""; ""Your Web Site Is Not a Brochure""; ""Trash the Splash""; ""Trash the Flash Splash""; ""Starting in the Middle""; ""Large Graphics""; ""Multimedia Must Add Value""; ""Navigation in All Things""; ""The Basics of Navigation""; ""Nonstandards""; ""Search as Navigation Tools""; ""Don�t Lose Them to Another Site""; ""Controlling the Action""; ""The Home Page""; ""Learning from the Past""; ""Stepping into the Future""; ""Watch Your Language""; ""Just Make It as Easy as Possible""; ""Multiple Screen Sizes""
505 8 _a""Think Like a Customer""""CHAPTER 4 Interactivity Goes with the Flow""; ""The Flow Construct""; ""The Web as Time Sink""; ""Putting Flow to Work""; ""Interaction Holds Your Attention""; ""Lend Them a Hand""; ""Help Me Choose""; ""Don�t Drop the Ball""; ""Don�t Underestimate Your Clients""; ""Configure It Out""; ""Dell Lets You Decide""; ""Cobbler�s Clients""; ""Paper or Plastic?""; ""Lotion or Cream?""; ""Make Them Draw You a Picture""; ""Calculators for Hire""; ""CHAPTER 5 Selling Services""; ""Do You Sell Services?""; ""Are Services Really So Different?""; ""Branding a Service""
505 8 _a""Full Disclosure""""The Qualification Process""; ""Self Identification""; ""More Complex Services""; ""Customer Interaction Leads to Customer Satisfaction""; ""CHAPTER 6 Feedback""; ""The Demassification of the Market""; ""The Survey Finds a New Form""; ""Poll Position""; ""Keeping It Simple""; ""How Are We Doing?""; ""What Could We Be Doing Better?""; ""A Survey That Hits Close to Home""; ""Rethinking the Survey Process""; ""The Conversational Survey""; ""The Intermittent Survey""; ""The Personal Survey""; ""Ask the Right Questions""; ""Ask the Right Kinds of Questions""
505 8 _a""Convincing Customers to Cooperate""
520 _a""Jim Sterne is one of the clearest thinkers around. He understands the ins and outs of Internet marketing. Buy his books and listen up!""-Seth Godin, author, Permission Marketing ""A classic in an industry where classics are rare. This is the most well-rounded tutorial on Web marketing ever written.""-Kristin Zhivago, Editor of Marketing Technology, Columnist for Marketing Computers, and President of Zhivago Marketing Partners, Inc. Introducing the latest edition of the most helpful guide to understanding the Web's vast potential as a marketing medium! World Wide Web Marketing Third Editio
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_aSterne, Jim
_tWorld Wide Web Marketing : Integrating the Web into Your Marketing Strategy
_dHoboken : Wiley,c2035
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