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Room 324 - Individual Study

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This room allowed me to successfully study and achieve my dreams.

American men & women of science :

Publication: Farmington Hills, Mich. : Thomson Gale, 2005 . 8 v. ; 29 cm. Date: 2005

We have the 2008 edition of this book available online (

Yearbook of science and the future.

Publication: Chicago, Encyclopaedia Britannica. . v. 29 cm.

We should consider moving the volumes in reference upstairs to oversize with the rest of the issues.

Introduction to technical services for library technicians by Bloomberg, Marty.

Publication: Littleton, Colo., Libraries Unlimited, 1971 24 Date: 1971

This book has stuff about how to produce catalog cards and printed order forms. It's an outdated how-to manual and should be withdrawn.

American reference books annual.

Publication: Littleton, Colo. : | Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, | Libraries Unlimited 1970 . v. ; 24-26 cm. Date: 1970

I think in the rare times we get library school students here, this is one of the items they ask for. However, they usually want the later eds. But I do grant it is a space hog, and in a pinch, just tell the LIS students to get it at their school.

The age of innocence, by Wharton, Edith,

Publication: New York, Modern Library 1948 . 287 p. 24 Date: 1948

This appears to be the most "recent" copy we have of this work. The catalog also shows a 1920 edition.