Recent comments

American men & women of science :

Publication: Farmington Hills, Mich. : Thomson Gale, 2005 . 8 v. ; 29 cm. Date: 2005

We have the 2008 edition of this book available online (

Asimov's chronology of science and discovery / by Asimov, Isaac,

Publication: New York : Harper & Row, 1989 24 Date: 1989

For a similar resource that is more current look at the 2000 edition of Science and Its Times online (

The Penguin dictionary of science by Uvarov, E. B.

Publication: New York, Schocken Books 1971 24 Date: 1971

This resource is pretty outdated. For something more current in print check out The American Heritage Science Dictionary from 2005 (Q123. A5178). For something more up-to-date online try The Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Science from 2004 (

Dictionary of science and technology. by Dorian, A. F.

Publication: Amsterdam, | New York [etc.] Elsevier Pub. Co., 1967 24 Date: 1967

We should consider weeding this title as it is outdated. The McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms (2003) is more current.

McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms.

Publication: New York : McGraw-Hill, 2003 . xvii, 2380 p. : 29 cm. Date: 2003

It looks like this is our most current dictionary for science and technology. We might want to consider updating it by purchasing an online resource, but this exact title is not available online.

Academic Press dictionary of science and technology /

Publication: San Diego : Academic Press, 1992 24 Date: 1992

We should consider weeding this title as it is outdated. The McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms (2003) is more current.

Van Nostrand's scientific encyclopedia /

Publication: New York, NY : Wiley-Interscience, 2002 24 Date: 2002

We have the 2008 edition of this encyclopedia available online through the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Just click the "Also available online" link above to access it.

McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science & technology :

Publication: New York : McGraw-Hill, 2002 . 20 v. : 29 cm. Date: 2002

If you are looking for a general science encyclopedia that is a little more current, try the Gale Encyclopedia of Science online from 2008.

Yearbook of science and the future.

Publication: Chicago, Encyclopaedia Britannica. . v. 29 cm.

We should consider moving the volumes in reference upstairs to oversize with the rest of the issues.

Introduction to technical services for library technicians by Bloomberg, Marty.

Publication: Littleton, Colo., Libraries Unlimited, 1971 24 Date: 1971

This book has stuff about how to produce catalog cards and printed order forms. It's an outdated how-to manual and should be withdrawn.

Reader in technical services, by Applebaum, Edmond L.,

Publication: . xi, 266 pages 27 cm.

This book is a bunch of outdated reprinted articles. We should withdraw it.

Subject guide to U.S. government reference sources / by Robinson, Judith Schiek,

Publication: Littleton, Colo. : Libraries Unlimited, 1985 . xxxi, 333 p. ; 25 cm. Date: 1985

There is a 1996 updated edition (although not that much updated, so to speak). CHOICE reviews does say of this one: "The 1985 edition, by Robinson, should be retained for reference to historical, outdated, and ceased titles." It depends on how much we would need to worry about such issues of finding older gov. docs and materials. But in interest of sweeping for space, can likely let it go.

Political works of concealed authorship relating to the United States, 1789-1810, by Gaines, Pierce Welch.

Publication: Hamden, Conn., Shoe String Press, 1972 . xx, 226 p. 22 cm. Date: 1972

If I understand correctly what this does, we may want to keep. Archives? Certainly need Vicki's opinion on it. A quick online search shows it listed on a couple of Americana bibliographies, then again, depends on if this falls into the sort of thing we should be preserving given the type of collection we have.

Famous American books by Downs, Robert B.

Publication: New York, McGraw-Hill 1971 . xvi, 377 p. 21 cm. Date: 1971

Looks like a collection of book essays/reviews, similar to what books like Fadiman's _Lifetime Reading Plan_ does. Table of contents does show it looks at some unique works like Ben Franklins' notes on his kite experiment. May need to look over before making the decision.

American reference books annual.

Publication: Littleton, Colo. : | Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, | Libraries Unlimited 1970 . v. ; 24-26 cm. Date: 1970

I think in the rare times we get library school students here, this is one of the items they ask for. However, they usually want the later eds. But I do grant it is a space hog, and in a pinch, just tell the LIS students to get it at their school.

Tratado de criptografia; by Marthans Garro, Hércules.

Publication: Lima, Librería Studium, 1958 . 230 p. 22 cm. Date: 1958

I would need to look at this, some kind of treatise on cryptography from the looks of it (but you did not need me to tell you that part). Archival worthy or rare? I do wonder why we got this in the first place.

Global politics / by Ray, James Lee.

Publication: Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1987 . xv, 525 p. : 24 cm. Date: 1987

concur with AM

The age of innocence, by Wharton, Edith,

Publication: New York, Modern Library 1948 . 287 p. 24 Date: 1948

This appears to be the most "recent" copy we have of this work. The catalog also shows a 1920 edition.

Doing Internet research :

Publication: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1999 . xxiv, 299 p. : 24 cm. Date: 1999

MIGHT be worth retaining if the concepts are still valid. I can't tell that we have much in the collection more current. Or should we be looking to purchase something more current?